The Millennial Professional Burnout

Being a young professional is great, although I’m always met with patronising comments such as ‘you’re only a baby’ or ‘when I was your age… ‘, on the whole being a young professional is wonderful.

But the millennial burnout is something that’s prominent with most young professionals that I know. Trying to juggle your jobs(s), your online profiles, your boyfriend (or girlfriend), your family, whilst at the same time, trying to maintain a healthy social life, a clean house, your religion, a healthy diet and some form of self-care. Damn, that can be a struggle.

Maybe you’re feeling burnt-out? You haven’t watched a series for a long time and barely watch TV? I know the feeling, I always feel like there could be something more efficient that I could be doing like meal prepping for the week ahead or writing my next column.

For many professionals, our brains actually never stops, from the minute I wake up until I go to bed, there is something normally work-related filling my mind.

Maybe you don’t have time for the simple tasks in life like returning a dress to ASOS or remembering to post a relative’s birthday card. If it can’t be fixed from behind a computer screen, the chances are you’ll forget to do it?

As a young women, there’s so much pressure on us to look good, eat well and exercise, holy moly, where do we fit that in?! I often take my laptop to the hairdressers or catch that needed 1 hour nap whilst I’m having my eyelashes done. So, even the relaxing tasks aren’t relaxing anymore!

And, if all that sounds stressful, try dating a guy and asking him to have patience with somehow been squeezed in to that schedule. Of course, unless you date a fellow millennial professional, who equally suffers from millennial burnout so therefore, you might make the reciprocated hectic-ness work!

So, what’s the solution? I wish I knew because I don’t know how to remedy this. The need to be good at my job, work hard and do it all with a smile on my face often outweighs other needs including my well-being.

But, I would recommend some things: switch your phone off after 8PM (I have tried this and can confirm, I really didn’t miss out on anything), schedule in ‘me time’ to the diary and surround yourself with people who make sure you’re ok.

The latter being the most important, I’m lucky enough to have great friends who check in on me a lot and make sure I’m OK and you’ll find that great companionship helps you switch off.

Finally, whatever field you’re working in, make sure it’s’ what you love doing if you’re going to burn out for it!

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