Increase in number of children living in poverty as costs rise

Today I’m in the Express & Star talking about how local children have been let down by this Government.

In Wolverhampton, our Labour Council have put children and young people as one of our top Council priorities, and these figures below show why that is so important locally.

After over ten years of Tory austerity and national policies that further plunge families in to poverty, the figures we see in the report are a reflection of the Government’s failings of our kids.

If we want to give some examples of that- the Government cut free school meals during the school holidays during the pandemic, our Council stepped in to ensure that children didn’t go hungry and provided meals. We continue to support our food banks to help those children and families that need it the most.

The HAF funding (holiday activity fund) given to Council’s from the Government to provide activities and food for kids over the summer holiday only funds four out of six weeks of the holiday. Our council have invested funds to make up for the shortfall because we know how important recreational activities and food is for our kids for the full six weeks holidays. The report itself talks of the importance of school meals and food support for children.

Finally, our financial well-being strategy launched by the Council this year aims to provide essential financial advice, support and intervention to those families that need it the most.

With soaring fuel and energy prices, many families are really struggling.

The Government have to do more to make sure kids across the country have a fighting chance.

In Wolverhampton, we will continue with our local initiatives to ensure that children get the best start in life.