About Me

My name is Beverley Momenabadi, at 27, I am currently the youngest Labour Councillor in Wolverhampton.

I studied Youth and Community Services and graduated in 2013. Following this, I started working at a large homeless charity in Wolverhampton as a manager. I worked mainly with homeless young people aged 16-25, supporting them to achieve and break the cycle of homelessness.

I began a career in Politics in 2017 when I started to work for a Labour MP in Wolverhampton where I still work for him as a Senior Communications Assistant. I was then elected in 2018 when I ran in the Local Elections for the ward that I live in- Ettingshall. It was a significant win as I won 79% of the vote and had the highest number of votes in the city that year.

I feel extremely privileged to hold this position and represent the people of Ettingshall and Wolverhampton.

I currently volunteer as a Youth Officer for the Labour Party in Wolverhampton where I actively engage and work with young people to develop their understanding of Politics and activism in the party.

In addition to this, I do some sessional work for the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner where I work in the city with young people to help them develop their knowledge and understanding of their rights when stopped and searched by police.

I am currently a Board member for the Community Action Partnership in Wolverhampton where we assess small community bids for funding to fund local initiatives in Ettingshall and Bilston.

I am also a Board member for the Grantham Yorke Charitable Trust where we assess grants for young people in the West Midlands who are experiencing poverty.

In my spare time, I take a keen interest in the Palestine and Israel conflict and have travelled to the Middle East to do aid work in this region three times since 2015.