Back to volunteering at Ashmore Park’s COVID-19 test centre

I was pleased to be back at Ashmore Park’s COVID-19 test centre on Friday, volunteering alongside Chris Burden for Fallings Park and the wonderful volunteers there.

We know the vaccine is being rolled out but there’s still and important need to continue testing for COVID-19 in order to slow the transmission of the virus. We’d encourage all members of the public to come forward to take rapid Covid-19 tests in their local community.

Chris and I are regular volunteers within the City testing programme and are leading the call for more people to engage with the testing programme, to help drive down the spread of the disease in Wolverhampton. We believe that testing within the local community is the best way to achieve this.

Chris Burden said: “Volunteering here is really important to me. This is my local testing centre and finding asymptomatic members of the public will really help us repress the spread of the disease”.

“Everyone wants life to go back to normal now and doing my bit in the fight against the Coronavirus has been a privilege. I’m lucky that I can get an afternoon free to do this, but I’d encourage anyone to volunteer to help out”.

“The tests are simple and painless, and offer you peace of mind during this really difficult period. The fact that they’re now available in the local community, rather than in a giant central test centre is a fantastic opportunity”.

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If you’d have told me a year ago that I would be spending my free time working as a volunteer, testing members of the public for this deadly virus, I might not have believed you. But, volunteering at Ashmore Park’s COVID-19 test centre has become part of my life for the last few months. It is an absolute honour and pleasure to be part of the wonderful team at Ashmore Park.

Wolverhampton has recently been hailed as a model of best practice when concerning testing within the community by the Government.

You can find the opening times of all of our test centres here:…/coronavirus-testing