What the Council has provided during the summer holidays

Wow, during the summer holidays, I’m so proud that Wolverhampton Council provided:

✅ 500 different activities

✅10,000 residents take part in Beat the Street

✅ A combined 60,000 miles were done during Beat the Street

✅1,500 children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities enjoyed various events from bowling to horse riding

Creating opportunities for young people is a major priority for the council and, following on from the huge success of this year’s summer festival, I’m delighted to announce that we are currently working on plans for October half-term where many more exciting activities and events will take place across the city.

Final details will be available on www.yowolves.co.uk in due course.

This year’s Yo! Summer Festival was designed to bring children and young people of Wolverhampton together through an exciting programme of events throughout the summer holidays and it did just that!

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