Speaking at the Labour Party Conference about the Council’s commitment to our children

Today I spoke at The Labour Party conference about Wolverhampton Labour Council’s commitment to our children.

Our future doctors, scientists, Olympians and artists are sat in classrooms right now across the country.

They have been neglected by the Conservative Government who have continued cut funding per child in schools for the last decade.

As I was giving this speech today, The Times reported that the Chancellor is preparing to rein in government spending on catch up funding for our children.

Right now, we have some children sat in schools with their tummies rumbling and struggling to concentrate because they’re hungry.

During the pandemic, Wolverhampton’s Labour Council delivered over a million meals to families and we’ve proudly continued to support our food banks.

When the Tories voted against feeding our children during the school holidays, it was the good people of Wolverhampton who stepped up to help me deliver food parcels made up on my kitchen table to those families that needed them.

It was our Labour Council delivering over 900 digital devices to our children that needed them.

I’d like to thank Kate Green MP (Shadow Education Minister) for visiting the primary school that I’m a Governor at in Ettingshall. Kate sees the potential that our children in Wolverhampton have and what they, and what children across the country need to unlock that potential.

Everyone (and especially our children) in this country should have a right to food, to equality of opportunities and a right to not go hungry.

I supported the report today at Labour Party Conference which will allow us to achieve that.