Inspired by our selfless young people nominated for the ‘Young Citizen of the Year Awards’

Last night I attended the ‘Young Citizen of the Year Awards’ in Wolverhampton with Wolverhampton Mayor.

And, I was absolutely moved by the inspirational and selfless young people nominated for the awards.

From children who had intervened in suicide attempts to providing selfless service during the pandemic at New Cross Hospital, I have never been so proud of the young people in our city.

We can all learn something from all of these young people in that they have done so much to make our city and society a better place to live in.

I’m pictured below with one of the winners, Parwiz Karimi who founded the Afghan Youth Association in Wolverhampton to help young Afghans to integrate into the British way of life.

Parwiz not only shared his memories of the Taliban raiding his house as a child, but he’s now joined the British Army as a reservist to give back to the country that gave him so many opportunities. I was totally blown away by his selfless service and commitment. This is just one example on the night of the outstanding achievements of these young people.

I’m not crying, you are! ?☺️

A huge thanks to Wolverhampton rotary clubs for organising this event each year!