Delivering essential donations off at the food bank

As soon as I finished work today I headed out and about to collect and drop donations off at the food bank- Elias Mattu Foundation.

A huge thanks to my team of volunteers who have donated and delivered in Ettingshall and across the city today.

This week, in addition to Wolverhampton Labour Council’s commitment to ensuring no children goes hungry in the city by providing free school meals, my team are delivering food parcels to local families.

A huge thanks to Fit Fast Fitness, Chris Burden for Fallings Park and many others who have lent a hand this evening.

Tomorrow, we will be supporting a large number of families in Ettingshall and Bilston and, donating to Excel Church’s food bank.

If you know a family in need this half-term then get in touch, because no child should go hungry and in Wolverhampton we look after our own.

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