All that hard work has paid off: I open Ward Street Park

I was incredibly excited to open Ward Street Park today.

Residents in Ettingshall will know that I’ve been working extremely hard with the Council to bring this project to life.Following the public consultation which I championed last year, today was a somewhat emotional moment to see children playing in the park today!

The park, which will incorporate dozens of new trees, shrubs and flowering plants as well as the children’s play equipment, it borders the area’s new Ettingshall Place housing development.

I do have to let residents know that it is the play area only which is open at the moment.

The grassed areas are still fenced off for a few weeks to allow the grass to knit and grow. A huge thanks to the city’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Steve Evans for his support in brining this project to life.

I’ve been to the park today and would urge local families to check it out this weekend! Watch the video below to see the fantastic outdoor space we now have in Ettingshall 👉👇

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